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Welcome to the Ancient Heroes Webpage!

Ancient Heroes on Lineage2:

AH is a level 11 PvE clan with a family feel hosted on the Chronos server. We have many clan skills and remain the proud owners of the Aquamarine Clan Hall outside Gludio. Our goals included encouraging new members to graduate from the academy, recruiting active players that are well-aligned with our Code of Honor, acquiring further clan skills, organizing successful multi-raid parties, and sieging fortresses and castles. Our focus was always to develop a clan based on friendships and camaraderie.

We never allowed unnecessary wars or just-for-fun player killings from our clan members; rather, our objective was to build a loyal clan full of players who enjoy one another's company. At this time, only players with a history in AH are welcome to join our ranks as our core players have moved on to Archeage!

Finally , we have some great resources here on the site for old members and non-members alike. Please take a moment and read over one of our handy Guides or explore the world more confidently with a detailed Map. Additionally, we have tried to collect a list of Links to expand our player's knowledge in as many areas as possible. If you have a Guide, Map, or Link you would like to contribute, please post it on our Forum.

Ancient Heroes on Archeage:

We are a clan on the Salphira server. The core players have been gaming together for over a decade and have experience in both pvp and pve styles of play. We currently own a sizeable farm in Lilyut Hills just outside of Riverspan and two Marine Bungalows off the shores of Solzreed in the Moonswept Bay. Our aqua farms are scattered throughout the seas. Our players are highly organized and professions are specialized among our members.

We have created an application for players wishing to join our ranks; however, players should bear in mind that we are small guild on Archeage and have no desire to zerg our numbers. Our goal is to develop a clan based on friendships and teamwork and to enjoy every aspect of the game.

Ancient Heroes On Neverwinter:

You can also find members of Ancient Heroes on Neverwinter on the Dragon Server.

Check out our forums and learn more!

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