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Ancient Heroes Code of Honor

Code of the Clan Members

We will be Respectful and Noble. We represent the Ancient Heroes and our clan's reputation is measured in how we present ourselves in shouts, dialogue, party, and alliance chat. We will not be baited by other's bad behavior.

We are Knights not Knaves. Unless facing wartags or "reds", we will not PK other characters or bots unprovoked. We will not scam or cheat others in trades or exchanges or misrepresent our true motives in commerce. We caution our members as it is a common scam for someone to pretend to be an "alternate character" of the clan and ask to "try on" equipment. We do not 'bot' or use any 3rd party programs.

We Promote the Ancient Heroes. We will only speak positively of other clan and alliance members outside the clan. We will help recruit new members into the clan when we find those meeting our standards.

We will Contribute to the Clan. We will store basic mats and drops in the Clan Warehouse for our crafters and be rewarded with the ability to request items and mats in return. We will help other clan members get materials and equipment needed to better our own abilities as a clan. We will help in the upkeep of a Clan Hall, Fortress, Farm, or Territory and we will do our part to pay dues if and when requested by our Leader.

We will Communicate with the Clan. We will use Clan chat and forums to keep members aware of when clan members will be available for Raids or other quests, and when we will be away so our membership will be preserved. We will understand if our extended departure may require being removed from the clan because the clan may need the room for active members.

We will Avenge our Fallen Brothers. Outside of sieges, arenas, duels and wartags (reds), we will attack other characters only with extreme cause. When feasible (the PKer is still present or we have adequate level(s) to respond, etc.) we will answer violence with overpowering violence and avenge our fallen. We will make it known that our members are not easily preyed upon.

We will Heed the Call of our Leadership. We will respond to further requests from our officers, including participation in sieges, clan raids and events, etc. as called upon. We stand stronger together with common aims that each of us experiences a richer game experience individually. This is the purpose of clans.

Enjoy the Game. Our Leadership's message to us (MorganIronwolfe's signature) has been: Remember...HAVE FUN...The Levels Will Come. Take this to heart. Your enjoyment in the game will improve your participation and benefit us all.

Code of the Officers

Clan Leaders: Executive and final say in all matters of the clan. Obligated to use this power judiciously and listen to the thoughts and proposals of the members of the clan before acting. To speak for the entire clan with other clans or individuals. This position represents dozens of people and should be held to the highest standards. The Clan Leader will never engage the members in an alt form and request something of them without first contacting them as the leader. (This is a common scam).

Economics Officers: The Economics Officer will track clan resources, monitor the gaming market, help task players with securing needed items and mats and will prioritize these endeavors. He will be responsible for managing clan funds and will invest and sell items where appropriate. He will advise the clan leader regarding the distribution of the clan's resources amongst its members.

Recruitment Officers:The Recruitment Officer is responsible for managing all incoming applications. She will provide a face to Ancient Heroes by providing consistent and immediate responses to applicant questions and queries. She will be an active participant on the official forums and will diligently seek out new members.

Other Officers: These officers are expected to help facilitate communication between the clan members. This also means taking on the responsibility for mentoring the clan in the ways of game play and the code of Ancient Heroes. They will monitor the conduct of the membership and watch to make sure all uphold the Code of Honor.

Code of the Support Team

Web, Forum and Teamspeak Administrators: (Nalvia and Aelwynn) Though not officers, the Web, Forum and Teamspeak Administrators are responsible for managing the functionality of the clan's online resources. They will maintain contact with the officers and the clan leader and provide recommendations and updates where appropriate.

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