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Lineage 2 Guides by Ancient Heroes

These guides have been hand crafted by friends and members of Ancient Heroes. If you have a guide you would like to share, please post it on the Ancient Heroes forum. We would like to see everyone benefit from these guides, whether they are a clan member or not, thus is why they are publicly accessible by anyone.

We are still converting the guides from the previous webpage. We have stopped converting from the old site as most of the information is well out of date. Feel free to suggest some new guides!

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Seven Signs
Class Change Quests
Eq Enhancements



The very first and often mistakes that healers tend to do is over heal their party members, allowing their crucial MP to get consumed. Remember your heal points, how much you heal. A healer's job is NOT to keep everyone's HP at 100%, a healer's job is to keep the party alive. There is a major difference between these two things, don't be too concerned about the HP for the entire party, only focus on keeping everyone breathing and up on their feet.
A party consists of many different types of classes, and each class requires different types of healing. Tanks/Aggro maintainers should be first priority and then the rest. Even then it doesn't mean that these specific types of classes should be at 100% HP all the time. If there is an SE in the party, utilize their skill called 'Vampiric Rage.' The melee classes love this skill, hence allowing the healer more time focusing on the action and not on the HP bars.
When I was a monk in GuildWars, the only thing that I'd constantly monitor were the HP bars, thus missing all the action on the screen. In PVE, in Lineage ][, the healers/buffers get to enjoy the atmosphere, and the aura of a well oiled killing machine (aka Ancient Heroes).
Therefore, know your own healing power, don't over heal, and heal accordingly. I guarantee that you'll NEVER run out of MP.
Lastly when pulling 2/3/4 mobs, DON'T heal while the puller is coming back with their train, the entire aggro will be directed to you. Start healing right before they go into the pull or right after they start attacking the mobs. A few practice runs can ease this, no worries.


Normally when the buffs are winding down, the party tends to stop for a few minutes to rebuff. There are two disadvantages to this:

  • When in a room, killing one mob after another, if you pause to rebuff, more mobs spawn while the party has stopped to kill. Thus, making it time consuming to 'clear' the room again and safely going back to one at a time (specially after hitting a-Grade).
  • The rhythm of grind tends to get broken (some might not care about this, and some do). The efficiency of XP versus TIME tends to get uneven, especially at higher levels (post 64+).

In order to avoid this, the best thing is for the initial user who got the buffs first, to yell out that their buffs are expiring (once they do start to go down). Continue with the killing as normal, once the user (first person to get buffs) starts to attack the mob and he/she has maintained the aggro, the buffer should start his/her buff round, one after the other. This way the XP is continuous, and there is no pause in the grind. The preferable sequence of buffs prior to starting the cata/necro party should be something like this:

  1. Tanks/DDers/Archers
  2. Nukers/Mages
  3. Healers/Buffers

Reason being, once the buff start to expire and the healer starts to buff, you want the aggro to stay on the tanks/DDers while you buff, this way, the tanks/DDers maintain the aggro while getting buffed. Once they are buffed, they'll keep the aggro allowing the healer/buffer to take care for the rest of the party.

Use of spiritshot / blessed spiritshot

For Nukers, when soloing, its almost essential to use blessed spiritshots so that you can kill the mob before it can get to you and kill you. This is even more important if the mob is white or higher. For mobs green and below, you can sometimes get away without having to use them. This is also partially dependent on your weapon. If you're b-grade or a-grade and still using a c-weapon, you're going to have to use them and use a lot of them.
For nukers, parties are key to being sufficient and not leaking cash from the seams. In large parties, usually you can do enough damage without pulling the aggro and keep on par with other teammates and maybe only use 1-2 spiritshots per mob at most. The key for nukers is to use spiritshots for their last attack that has over-hit capabilities. If a nuker is using a spell with overhit capabilities, and its the hit that kills the mob, then you get extra xp from the mob. Why is it important to use the spiritshot on the overhit skill then? The simple answer is that when you are in a party, you have to gauge how quickly the party is killing a mob and then time your own overhit nuke so that it will be the killing strike. Using a spiritshot ensures you're doing more dmg, and thus allows you more leeway in your timing for that last shot.
As for whether to use regular spiritshots vs blessed spiritshots, there is no reason to use the regular spiritshots. The blessed spiritshots will help you do more dmg, and as a nuker, thats what you want most. As you learn which of your nuker spells does certain amt of dmgs to mobs, you will quickly learn which spells to put in your quickbar, in what order to use them, and which of those nukes to use spiritshots with.

For healers, you have much more leeway in conserving spiritshots than nukers. However, this is highly dependent on the party makeup/dynamics. With the perfect party, you will only need to buff and heal occasionally. But, as we all know, perfection is rare, and so are perfect parties. First, never use spiritshots for buffs; its a complete waste of shots and money and does no benefit whatsoever.
Should healers use regular spiritshots or blessed spiritshots? Once again, I'd have to say blessed spiritshots. In a good party, you may only need to use regular heals without any spiritshots, but when someone pulls a train through your room or a pole pulls too large a group, you'll be wanting the blessed spiritshots. Blessed spiritshots will add an extra 20% healing power when used with a heal, compared to 1/2 that amt with regular spiritshots. As you get into b-level and a-level parties, mobs do much more damage, even to party members wearing top-grade armor for mobs that lvl, and thus blessed spiritshots become a mainstay for heals the higher up you go. Bishops have to use spiritshots a bit less frequently, just because they get higher lvl heals and heals that are much more mp-efficient.
If you're having to use A LOT of blessed spiritshots in a party, you're either in the wrong party or you need an extra healer in the party. Lastly, if you are a healer in a raid party, with the exception of not using spiritshots for buffs, all other rules go out the window. With raids you'll need all the extra hp-regeneration power you can muster - and thus blessed spiritshots used for all heals.
One last note re: regular spiritshots compared to blessed spiritshots. As you can tell from my comments up above, I dont think there is any decent reason to use regular spiritshots, and there are multiple ways to conserve on using spiritshots. The one thing also to notice is that after d-grade, most people dont even craft regular spiritshots, only blessed ones. So get used to using them now.

Weapons for Healers:

The level weapon a healer has doesnt affect their buffs or healing power, only really their nukes. And most healers arent soloing or nuking undead after c-grade. Therefore any weapon higher than c-grade is not important for healers. It wont affect your buffs or your heals. More importantly, blessed c-grade spiritshots cost MUCH less compared to higher grade spiritshots. Save some money, knowing it wont affect your heals or buffs. The other big note for healers would be to then choose a c-grade weapon that bestows the special ability of either "mana up" or "conversion". "Mana up" gives an extra 25%-30% mana to your reserves, while "conversion" decreases your baseline HP and increases your baseline MP.


Believe it or not but how you move, and how you avoid mobs inside a cata/necro is also a very crucial part to XPing. And most importantly, is fun. When I mean movement, I'm not talking about clicking the cursor moving here, moving there. I'm talking about moving between mobs, between spawns, between socials/aggros/non-aggros.
Personally speaking when I'm in a party with a healer/buffer, I don't like the fact that they have to sit in the hallway or stand in the corner, missing out on the fun. Ofcourse I'm not saying to go in the thick of battle and get yourself killed, but there are ways to avoid getting any damage while doing your job.
Next time when you go down underground, watch the pattern how the mobs spawn and how they move. For example, I'll use the deepest part of the Apostate catacomb:

  • Medusas
  • Conjurer Bat
  • Lilim Priests (long/lanky female type mobs)
  • Big white robot dudes, I forgot their names

(During the seal validation period, when you turn in your stones for AA, the white robot mobs disappear and are replaced by the Priests, and during the seal effect period, when you sign up for the cata/necros, the robots appear again).

The medusas and the bats are aggro, the priests and the robots are not aggro but are social to each other. If you attack the priests, other priests will come help, so will the medusas and the bats. The robots will not attack.

If you attack the robots, other robots will come help, so will the medusas and the bats. The priests will not attack.

Now, knowing this scenario, if you are in a room with these mobs, and a robot or a priest spawns next to you, don't worry because they wont attack you unless you attack them. The tanks/DDers will take care of this for you. Secondly, if an aggro mob spawns near you and you are in their aggro zone, DO NOT MOVE. The spawning/recognition system of Lineage ][ is pretty cool and you can play around with it. If you notice once an aggro mob spawns, he/she will not attack you right away, they wait for a good 10+ seconds to do anything. If you don't move after they have spawned, they will not recognize you as someone to attack, hence giving you and your party enough time to do whatever needs to be done (kill another mob, etc.) This way you don't move, don't get damage, and the DDers take care of their biz. Once the tank/DDers have engaged this particular aggro mob, the healer/buffer can move to safe/difference location.

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