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Lineage 2 Guides by Ancient Heroes

These guides have been hand crafted by friends and members of Ancient Heroes. If you have a guide you would like to share, please post it on the Ancient Heroes forum. We would like to see everyone benefit from these guides, whether they are a clan member or not, thus is why they are publicly accessible by anyone.

We are still converting the guides from the previous webpage. We have stopped converting from the old site as most of the information is well out of date. Feel free to suggest some new guides!

Magic Users
Seven Signs
Class Change Quests
Eq Enhancements

Catacombs and Necropolises

"The Seven Signs" is a competition between Dawn and Dusk. Priests of each of these can be found in the cities, often not far from a Gatekeeper. Your journey begins by speaking to one of these (almost always you should speak to Dawn, see below) and signing up during the "open week." If you are 40+ level it will cost you adena, but for levels 20-39 (yes you must be at least 20th to enter) it is free of charge. If you miss a sign-up week, you will not be allowed to enter the dungeons during the reward week. Cycles begin on Monday evenings US time.

Once signed up, you go to a dungeon. These look like 4-pillared stonehenge things over pools of blue (Necropolis) or red (Catacomb) water. The only difference between these is whether the Blacksmith or Merchant of Mammon visits them (discussed later) - they have very similar structure and mobs inside. To enter the dungeon, you must swim down to the bottom of the shaft, then up a ramp into a subterranean cave. You should have no trouble holding your breath. Sometimes a bug in the game makes you "fall" down the water-filled shaft. A fall will not instantly kill you, but make you lose nearly all your hit points and you will need to recover these before entering the dungeon! A way to avoid this from happening is to enter the water slowly and make sure your breath gauge appears before you start to swim.

Walk up the ramp to the glowing "Ziggurat" and double click it to "Talk" to it. You will "Teleport" then past the gate and you are inside. There is a second Ziggurat there that can then Teleport you back out. Note if you get in trouble you could run back here and use the Ziggurat to escape the mobs by teleporting if you are quick.

As a side note, there are two useful quests at all entrances - one is gained through the Ziggurat and gets you Blank Scrolls which can be sold or used to buy enchantment scrolls later (with Ancient Adena, purchased at the Merchant of Mammon). The other quest is gained by talking to the large statue inside the gate - usually on the wall to the left. It awards to "Dimensional Fragments" that you will need to go into a "Dimensional Rift" - this will be discussed in another guide page at a later date.

On Dusk and Dawn

Dawn represents the status quo, Dusk represents change. The weekly victories of these will potentially impact the success of clans in castle sieges - Dawn helping defenders, Dusk helping attackers. The vast majority of the time, the side of Dawn wins overwhelmingly. Whichever team wins gets free buffs from floating ghosts in the towns during the reward week. The losing team gets debuff curses on them similarly. You are also asked to pick a "Seal" when you sign up. I typically pick Gnosis. But it doesn't really matter so much in the overall scheme of things from what I can tell.


People like these dungeons because they can rapidly level your character with their dense mobs and quick respawn. In particular a "pole party" can make extremely fast XP progress since the users of spear-like weapons can attack an entire group at once, they can grab a "train" of mobs from one or more rooms, and "pull" them into a hallway where their party lies in ambush, then can attack them all at once and rapidly gain XP. (See Poler Guide).

Room ownership is at a premium and people can be extremely territorial, even attacking or killing you for intruding on their room, taking their drops, or "KS-ing" (kill-stealing - which is attacking mobs they are already attacking to leech off XP). Do not presume to take more than your fair share of rooms with a party, and be mindful others are already there and you may not see them right away. Also keep in mind many non-English speakers play the game, so communication and negotiations may not be easy. Just remember to be mature and polite yet alsofirm despite how frustrating others can be or how childish they may act.

Often rooms that are claimed have 1-adena piles marking entry/exits to hallways. These will appear as a line of 2-4 coins across the doorway. It is considered polite to ask around an area, and when you claim a room or rooms to drop these 1-adena coins across the entrance to signal to people the room is taken. You open your inventory and drag your adena pile to the screen where you wish to drop the coin, then release. A pop-up will ask you for how many and you simply say 1, and it will fall to that position. You will usually set up your party in a hallway rather than a room, so you can fight just the mobs you "pull" from the room without worrying about new ones spawning and joining the combat.

Look down adjacent hallways from rooms, and always try to talk to people before pulling mobs or minimally impacting their activities. If they get angry or even flag you, try to take the high road and say you are looking for available rooms and are happy to move along, ask they please mark their rooms and identify their claims. You should do the same - that is, marking your rooms and being very clear with people what is yours and what is not yours. Do not be greedy. If you are spending all your time resting / healing maybe you should find a smaller room or a single room rather than two rooms.

Seal Stones

You will earn "Seal Stones" - green, red, and blue items that you turn in to the Dawn (or Dusk) Priest during the event. Then at the end of the event (assuming your side won) you get rewarded by getting a bunch of Ancient Adena for your hard work. Ancient Adena typically sells for about 3 Adena, or you can use it at the Merchant or Blacksmith of Mammon (see the price lists in the links below - particularly L2Wh). You can buy consumables with it (potions, etc.) from the Dawn/Dusk Priest, or can upgrade D and C-grade weapons, swap weapon types (like a Light Crossbow can be made into a Glaive), and other rewards. These occur during the reward weeks when the Mammon Dwarves visit (randomly) the Catacombs (Blacksmith) and Necropolises (Merchant). You can listen to Hero Voice during those weeks for updates on where they might be located to take advantage of their services. (See Item Enhancements)

The Festival of Darkness

During the sign-up week (when you still can enroll in the Seven Signs) there is a game within the Lineage 2 game called the Festival of Darkness. This game involves a party of adventurers entering a competition where they are put into an arena with increasingly difficult mobs and score points. Details of this competitions, strategies, and how our clan participates is discussed on our forums.


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