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Lineage 2 Guides by Ancient Heroes

These guides have been hand crafted by friends and members of Ancient Heroes. If you have a guide you would like to share, please post it on the Ancient Heroes forum. We would like to see everyone benefit from these guides, whether they are a clan member or not, thus is why they are publicly accessible by anyone.

We are still converting the guides from the previous webpage. We have stopped converting from the old site as most of the information is well out of date. Feel free to suggest some new guides!

Magic Users
Seven Signs
Class Change Quests
Eq Enhancements

Class Change Quests

With the new chronicle, you can now bypass the 2nd Class Change Quest (lvl 40). The quest is about 10 minutes long and requires 3 million adena. However if you wish to save the adena and complete the quests as normal, or if you need information on the 1st (lvl 20) or 3rd (lvl 76) Class Change Quest, a guide can be found here: Guide to Class Change Quests (1st, 2nd, and 3rd)

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