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Lineage 2 Guides by Ancient Heroes

These guides have been hand crafted by friends and members of Ancient Heroes. If you have a guide you would like to share, please post it on the Ancient Heroes forum. We would like to see everyone benefit from these guides, whether they are a clan member or not, thus is why they are publicly accessible by anyone.

We are still converting the guides from the previous webpage. We have stopped converting from the old site as most of the information is well out of date. Feel free to suggest some new guides!

Magic Users
Seven Signs
Class Change Quests
Eq Enhancements

Augmentations and Enchantments

Prior to Interlude, there are two ways to augment an item's abilities. The first can be done to all no-grade armor, jewery, and weapons: Enchantments. This is accomplished by earning (with Ancient Adena, buying from a private store, getting in a Lineage Event, or as a drop) a scroll of enchantment.

Two things to take into account when enchanting:

  1. Items may safely be enchanted to +3. The exception is armor that is upper/lower as one piece, which can be safely enchanted to +4. Any additional enchantments have a 1/3 chance of failure that the item will be destroyed and leave behind only crystals of the grade of that item. The crystal amount is much less than if you had had a friendly dwarf "crystalize" the item for you. This is why you will see +5 and higher items costing quite a lot more than +3 items in private stores. They have taken a risk and want to sell it for a premium. Note +5 items have a slight glow to them, at higher levels the item will glow blue or red. (See: Over Enchant (OE) Tables on l2wh)

  2. Weapons that can be exhanged at the Blacksmith of Mammon will retain their enchantment (E.g., a +3 light crossbow can be exchanged for a +3 glaive). However, weapon upgrades will lose these enchantments (e.g., a +3 light crossbow would become a standard issue elemental bow). Upgrades also cost quite a bit of Ancient Adena, and you lose the enchantment. So decide if you are OK with losing that value before upgrading.

Special Abilities

The second enhancement option is "special abilities" These give properties to the weapon such as increased "to hit" (Guidance), to critical (Focus), attack speed (Haste), special effects on criticals (damage bonus, bleeding, stunning, etc.), a chance to affect other skills like Evasion or Casting Time (Acumen), or even can reduce the mp cost of weapon use (Cheap Shot) or amount of shot used (Miser.)

These SA's are limited based on the weapons themselves (the links below help you see this). The benefit is you can tailor your weapons to what you want your character to be able to do better. Dual Swords get their SA through enchantment to +4 (which is a risk to losing the weapon!) Other weapon types gain their SA through binding a Soul Crystal to them at a Blacksmith (regular Town Blacksmith). The color of the Soul Crystal determines the SA (e.g., on an Eminence Bow Red=Guidance, Blue=Cheap Shot, and Green=Miser). The weapon will require a certain "level" of these gems. Gems can be obtained in the Enhance Your Weapon quest from the priest in Giran. (See: Stratics) Additionaly, you can buy a pre-leveled Soul Crystal from a private store (be sure to check prices on L2WH).

You will need a large number of Gemstones (which you can buy at the Grocery in Giran), the Soul Crystal, and some adena. Give these to the Blacksmith, and he will be able to apply the SA. Note: SA's are thus quite expensive and time-consuming to obtain. You will lose these if you upgrade or exchange the item at the Blacksmith of Mammon.

Interlude Augmentations

In Interlude there is an additional way you can improve weapons by using Life Stones. Weapon augmentation produces a random set of improvements to your weapon. If you do not like the ones you get, you need to remove the augmentation and do it again. Augmentation is performed by the Blacksmiths in the Towns (where you do SAs or make duals.) Augmented weapons are specific to your character - you cannot trade or drop the weapon (though you can keep it in your private warehouse).

You must find or purchase a "Life Stone" - these have "grades" (Low, Mid-level, High, and Top) and "levels" - the grade determines what kinds of new abilities the weapon will get. These are things like +HP or +MP or faster regeneration of the same, increased criticals rate, chance of a certain effect, etc. The level of the stone makes the magnitude of the bonus more pronounced. You cannot use a Life Stone that is of higher level than your character. (See also: Stratics Guide on Augmentations)


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