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Lineage 2 Guides by Ancient Heroes

These guides have been hand crafted by friends and members of Ancient Heroes. If you have a guide you would like to share, please post it on the Ancient Heroes forum. We would like to see everyone benefit from these guides, whether they are a clan member or not, thus is why they are publicly accessible by anyone.

We are still converting the guides from the previous webpage. We have stopped converting from the old site as most of the information is well out of date. Feel free to suggest some new guides!

Magic Users
Seven Signs
Class Change Quests
Eq Enhancements

Lineage 2 Map Resources

These maps were stolen from various other websites in order to provide our clan with local resources in the event that the remote sites become unavailable. We do not take any credit for the creation of these maps (and as you will notice, some have been tagged by the websites we have borrowed them from). We feel that these are an accurate representation of the actual L2 world and should be correct based on the current chronicle but be warned that inaccuraces may exist. If you have a map you would like to submit to our collection, please post it on the forum.

Overworld Common Map
Common overworld for L2
Overworld Radar/Topology Map
Common overworld for L2

TownsDungeonsClan HallsForts




Seven Signs:

Lineage 2 Map Resources

  • L2J.ru Maps DB (This is a Russian Server that attempts to mirror the retail server in regards to updates and items. Usually spot on!)
  • Stratics Maps (Cata/Necros are numbered here - very helpful for grouping separated parties!)
  • L2WH Maps (Nearly complete - if you have premium, maps are interactive even)
  • PMFun Maps (Similar to above, but for completeness: NOTE PMFun data is from a private server! So the drop rates, etc may be wrong for Hindemith)
  • Giant's Cave w/ RBs I took the map from PMFun and added notes where the RB's are located.

Lineage 2 Misc Links and Resources

  • L2J.ru Russian based L2jDb server that strives to keep up with the retail server so the item guides are almost perfect
  • L2WH.com L2Warehouse (Definitive site on many Lineage2 things, in particular market values for buying and selling items)
  • L2 Vault (Great site for Quest Guides in particular, also has similar features to others)
  • WrathOfTheJust (Great site for lots of great guides and maps and advice. Sieghart clan. Check out their interactive raid boss map! Hover over RB flag to get info.)
  • LadyMoira's L2 Info (Some fantastic organization of very useful information and guides, including lots of info on head accessories!)
  • L2P (Tons of detailed information on actual effects of buffs and stats and whatnot.)
  • Pirate Ninjas (Guides for some of the newer L2 features)
  • L2Guru (Forums with many discussions by experienced L2 players - much more snarky and vile-tongued than others)
  • Ivory Tower (Fashion viewing - see what armors sets look like on different characterss)
  • L2Pets (Guides for summonings and trained pets, etc.)
  • Swedish Site (Some very nice guides and articles and aggregation of information)
  • PMFun Site (Lots of great links for finding mobs, comparing items, etc. Somewhat out of date in some places. NOTE data for this comes from a private server, however! So the drop rates, etc are not accurate for Hindemith)
  • Jute's L2 Site (Some great guides and tools)
  • Common Scams on Lineage2
  • TwitchHosting (Web Hosting company that's awesome)

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