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Ancient Heroes Recuiting Guidelines

External position on recruiting - a message to would-be members:
Ancient Heroes is a longstanding clan on Chronos, former Phoenix and Hindemith before that. We are respectful, mature, and friendly and have a "family-flavored" feel. We have a few European players, however most of our clan memers are on the East Coast of the US. Additionally, we have a select group of members that are generally available during the evenings from the West coast. Additionally, most US players are active in the evenings. We encourage you to join us prior to or while within the Academy so we can get to know each other, join in conversation, etc. Upon graduation from the academy there is no obligation to stay with the clan and no obligation of the clan to retain your character, however the most favorable circumstance is over this time we will have grown a good relationship and both sides will be delighted to make joining the clan official.

When signing up more higher level members, we prefer to work through established relationships, sometimes with people with whom some of us have played with in the past and their clan has dispersed or they are looking for a new circle of friends. Again we encourage people to talk with us and make sure it will be a good match on both sides!

If you would like to apply to become a member of Ancient Heroes, please follow the steps in our new member application process.

Internal position on recruiting - a message to the clan members:
The vitality of the clan can be measured by the interest and eagerness of its membership to participate as a clan. While individual prowess and accomplishment is significant and there is great merit to the social and mentoring aspects of the clan, we endeavor for players to adhere to our Code of Honor and prove themselves to be mature and competent before joining the clan. Every member of the clan represents the clan and wears our flag, and the rest of us will be judged by their actions. We should be proud of the impression we give to others, and this very reputation will allow us to attract high quality new members as well.

We still have a number of alt characters we are putting through the Academy to gain Clan Points. These would be used for Clan Skills, which benefit all members of the clan. But at the end of the day when we do a Raid or ultimately get involved in Sieges, we are limited by the number and activity of our individual accounts. We would like to grow our membership so the clan could have 20+ members able to assemble in a given night for a Raid or fortress battle if need be. This is a goal, and we begin by gathering new members.

We have agreed to be methodical and selective in who we ask to join the clan because in the long run we want to be a good match. Players should enjoy what we as a clan represent and allow them to do, and we as a clan should enjoy what those players contribute in mentoring others, in providing enjoyable game play, and in contributing virtual resources to the clan in line with our goals. It serves us both well to prevent "clan jumping" by making sure we have a good match, and while we will be open about recruiting, we will encourage players to play a few parties with us before being invited into the clan.

It only takes one player to ruin a clan or alliance's reputation. Ancient Heroes enjoys a very positive reputation on Chronos and we would not risk this for the sake of increasing our numbers. We should never imply we are better than anyone else, but that we do represent a "family-flavored" clan that is mature, nurturing, and enjoys a sense of comeraderie that people look forward to experiencing online beyond merely the grind. Our Code of Honor includes some guidelines about recruiting and inviting into the membership.

We have the "Ancient Heroes Too" and "AllMyStuff" shadow clans to hold other members. The clan will focus on supporting one main character per player so our resources do not get dispersed. Any additional characters are considered a luxury, and your main character completely responsible for supplying them with their needs (including mats for crafting). This limitation is imposed to keep available slots open for recruiting new members. After all, in the event of a raid, you can only log in one character per account!

Chief Recruiter: Erwynn
All new recruits must be interviewed by her and her decisions are final. She will always ask other clan members for their impressions, their experiences parting with the player, and potentially other references.

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