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 Post subject: Sample Application - PinOak
PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:50 pm 
AH Officer
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Joined: Thu Feb 05, 2009 1:01 pm
Posts: 1094
Location: Kent Oh
Toon Information
1. Name of your character:PinOak
2. Main Class: Archer
3. Main Class Level: 86
4. Your Current Gear for your Main Class: Morei & Dynasty
5. Subclasses and levels:
*titan 80
*warlock 40
* Alts Oakensheild lazy control room opening dwarf
*Zircon 76 BD prob future tank
6. Can you Equip and use your subs if needed? yep
7. If you are not awakened and you have a Stone of Destiny / Class Change Certificate, what will be your Main and Dual Main classes when they awaken (choices: Warrior, Knight, Nuker, Healer, Enchanter, Summoner, Dagger, Archer)? For information, see: Goddess of Destruction.
awake already, not sure on dual class
Personal Information
7. Age:I have ties older than some clannies :)
8. Time zone: Eastern US (EDT)
9. Main Language: English unless I have to type in a hurry, then it becomes dwarvish
10. If English is not your primary language, can you speak and understand English? Exception on certain drunken Fridays
11. Where are you from?Kent Ohio
12. On Average, how often do you play during the week? 6-7 days , 2-3 hrs
13. What is your home/family situation and how does that impact your play times? Married 3 grown children, 2 granddaughters
14. Are you a solo or a social player? both

15. How did you hear about Ancient Heroes? once upon a time I went looking for a clan
16. How long have you been playing Lineage?7 years
17. What other clans have you been in and on what server?AH on Hinde, AH on Phoenix, AH on Chronos
18. Do you have any other active toons and, if so, what level are the toons and what clans are they in?see above in AH
19. What do you do when you're not playing Lineage? Work, & whatever my wife tells me to do
20. What other online games have you played and for how long?Diablo II, CIV
21. What sort of play style are you most interested in? PVE
22. Would you attend clan events? (ex. raids, sieges, fortress...)Yep
23. Do you have any in game friends who would be willing to serve as a reference for you?A couple
24. Do you have any RL friends that think yer crazy for playing Lineage?
my wife
25. Are you much of a forum poster/reader?both
26. Many of us Use Ventrilo. We do not require it, but it is preferred, even if you just listen during clan raids, sieges, and etc. Can you be in vent during events?Okie
27. Do you have any comments regarding our Code and Recruitment requirements as outlined on our web page? I better not

As an aside: comments to the recruiter or to any member of Ancient Heroes that the application process is "stoopid," a waste of time, or otherwise an excuse by the officers to be overly verbose is not likely to garner much favor. This process belongs to all members of AH. Everyone member went through this process. If this is where you want to make your home... you'll go through it too. With a smile!
Welcome new toons to AH
The application process serves multiple purposes
1) is this a place you want to hang out?
Our play style is not for everyone, we know this.
Isn't it better to find out up front?
Way better for the clan in the long run
2) Sharing information
I read every application, because I could soon be interacting with that person and the background information helps me to understand the person better.
(that’s why my background is up there, now we are even :roll:
3) Morgan and the officers work hard to provide a game atmosphere that is friendly low drama and welcoming to engage in.
Anyone that has played more than a month of Lineage knows the general game population does not share those qualities, generally

Please be patient with the application system, the benefits outweigh the time it takes to do it :)


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